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The More You Give, The More You Succeed.

Your revenue, culture, & engagement will scale in equal measure to how much you GIVE.

The Generosity Culture® SEE HOW

Hi, I’m April.

I work with CEOs and leaders who are usually dealing with one of three scenarios:

You’re scaling your company, but your people have been dealing with more than they can handle for a while now (and usually so have you).

Your company has grown faster than you could scale the culture and infrastructure to support it. Or…

You have a good company, but it’s stale.
The culture is status quo when it could be extraordinary.

This is going to sound counter-intuitive, but…

The Generosity Culture® – getting obsessed with helping and giving value – will change all of that, fast.

Here’s what it comes down to:

You’re great at what you do. Yet, you can’t get past this point without improving processes, infrastructure, and efficiency to match your growth.

You need to empower the right employees to continue scaling the company…and allow you to keep doing what you do best.

Put another way:

Can you take a 30-day vacation while your company keeps growing and succeeding?

If not, we should connect!

My relevant credentials:
MBA, CH-NLP, Proud Veteran

quotation mark It all started when…

I was 9 years old and a successful business woman took an interest in me and changed the course of my life forever. Her investing time in me was an act of generosity that became my guiding principle in life and in business.

That principle has helped me scale companies and improve their cultures around the globe, resulting in over a billion dollars of new revenue.

A Generosity Culture® is built in three steps:

# 1 Pour into your people:

*Case-Study: An entry level employee was a hidden gem who, once listened to and invested in, became the Director of Operations. The result was the fastest scaling in the company’s history.

# 2 Pour into your clients:

*Case Study: A transportation company was losing tens of thousands every month. They changed their focus to better serve their most unhappy client resulting in new business offerings and profitability within just six months.

# 3 Pour into your community:

*Case Study: A Great Place to Work ® national survey found that employees who work for companies that give back to the community are 13 times more likely to look forward to coming to work, have increased brand loyalty and higher retention.

Every company I work with has one thing in common:

Plenty of work and not enough resources to do it.

The answer is not working harder…or working smarter, whatever that means.

The answer is building a Generosity Culture®.

When you do, you’ll see:

  • More revenue
  • More employee engagement
  • More clients
  • More community impact
  • More life balance
  • More growth


…and that’s just the beginning!

Ways We Can Work Together

The Generosity Culture®

Sales Enablement

The best place to start building a Generosity Culture® is often your Sales Team. A customized Sales Enablement program will teach selling as helping while simultaneously growing revenue and demonstrating The Generosity Culture to your employees and clients.

The Generosity Culture®


Jumpstart your company’s culture by immersing everyone in the Generosity Culture®. Start with a customized Keynote followed by an 8-week training for your workgroups to introduce and integrate The Generosity Culture® into your business for immediate growth and scaling.

The Generosity Culture®


Generosity Culture® Bootcamp is direct, 1-on-1 accelerating that’s customized to you and your business goals. This fast-paced approach allows you to integrate The Generosity Culture® principles to grow your business while finding more time for yourself.

The process is different for everyone.

Let’s start with 3 calls.

They are a complimentary gift & often, I’ll give you everything
you need in just these three calls.

*To protect your privacy, all information submitted is kept confidential.  Additionally, a mutual NDA can be provided.

“I took leadership of a business with some urgent challenges. April partnered with us to chart the way forward objectively and energetically. She has an amazing way of communicating “first principles”. These principles gave us deeper relationships with our clients. Whether you have a few conversations with April or work with her over many quarters, you’ll walk away with an improved business.”

Ahron Oddman, CEO, PSS, Mooresville, NC

“My 3 calls with April were completely transformative to my business. She helped me see my blind spots, helped get me thinking about where I need to ‘trim the fat’, and helped me streamline my process. And she’s a total joy to work with, making the process truly enjoyable.”

LM Morski, MD, Esq., Founder, Quitting by Design

“I experienced April’s 3-Part Acceleration Profile earlier this year and boy oh boy did it get me thinking about some crucial elements I needed to change not only in my business, but in my life as well. This was exactly the kind of out-of-the box brainstorming and challenging I needed.”

G. Pizza, CEO Property Management, SD, CA

If we get the opportunity to work together, here's what you can expect...


April just sees what’s lacking and what needs to be created – it can only be explained as magic!

“We had been struggling for years in our nonprofit to launch a youth program – something that would allow us to begin to build the infrastructure for a one-on-one mentoring program. We were referred to April as a candidate to help us start this initiative and we chose her on the spot!  She led our volunteers, and weeks later we successfully launched our program – the first of its kind in our area – helping our youth build relationships with prominent members of the community, consequently helping increase our fundraising efforts. April just sees what is lacking and what needs to be created – it can only be explained as magic!”

Chief Executive Officer
Interior Design

My average deal went from $10K to $120K in less than 3 months with April by my side!

“With April’s expertise, we scaled my business in ways I had never thought possible, not just in revenue, but in business perspectives and opportunities. She also helped me decide on WHICH opportunities were worth my time and would grow my business the fastest. Because of that, my average deal went from $10K to $120K in less than 3 months with April by my side! She helped me basically 12X my business in just three months!”


April led our team to reaching a multi-million dollar annual quota six months of ahead of schedule…

“I’ve never in my entire professional career had to tell someone to slow down and stop being so successful. April led our team to reaching a multi-million dollar annual quota six months ahead of schedule. We literally needed production to catch up to her ability to help us sign new business deals!”

Senior Vice President Sales

April took us from years of being unprofitable to profitability in just 6 months.

“The impact April made within weeks is astonishing. April identified the core business issues keeping my company from profitability and put a plan in motion that got us there in 6 months. Just over two years later, I sold my once unprofitable company for millions.”


After connecting with April and allowing her to work with the client on our behalf, she saved the relationship in under two weeks!

“One of our largest clients had reached their wits end due to production issues, delivery issues, and product quality challenges. After connecting with April and allowing her to work with the client on our behalf, she literally saved the relationship in under two weeks! What we saw as certain loss, April saw as opportunity to win back our client. Not only did she solve all of the problems that created the issue to begin with, this client has been our most loyal and lucrative for over 8 years now.”

Senior Vice President Sales
International Metal

April helped me create a sales process that has already resulted in several multi-million dollar deals!

“I needed my business to grow and for years I could not get a handle on a process that worked. In just one week, April helped me create a sales process that has already resulted in several multi-million dollar deals!”

Chief Executive Officer

Within months of working with April, we were seeing double-digit GROWTH.

“In a declining industry, we accepted and expected single-digit losses year over year. However, within months of working with April, we were seeing double-digit GROWTH. Her business acumen and knack for finding blind spots is Simply Amazing.”

General Manager
Commercial Real Estate

In 4 weeks April took us from zero to a well-oiled machine…delivering $100k plus profit deals week after week.

“With an urgent financial goal, I had to find and close new business fast, but I had employee issues I didn’t know how to handle. In 4 weeks April transitioned me and my team from zero to a well-oiled machine.  She built a scalable infrastructure,  a sales team, and optimized our marketing automation that’s now delivering $100K plus profit deals week after week.”

Chief Executive Officer

This could be you! Experience The Generosity Culture® transformation and share your successes

*Disclaimer – Driven Outcomes’ policy is built around privacy.  We keep client names within testimonials confidential, as the wins and achievements belong to them.

Just need some free resources? I can help!

I’ve included videos, worksheets and downloads to help you with your business.


Driven Outcomes YouTube Channel

You can also find more on The Generosity Culture®, business advice across all
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People Who Depend on Me

Find out why I'm so driven to help others do what they thought was impossible...

It began many years ago…at the age of six, a boy in my class and I were working on a project during recess. He pointed out that my jeans were too short and my mom should buy me another pair. Flustered, I told him I only got jeans at the start of the school year, not in the spring, and despite my explanation, he quickly stated, “Oh, you’re poor.”

I was shocked and argued that I was absolutely NOT poor. Brad proceeded to matter-of-factly ask me some questions that led me to the conclusion that he was right.

“What does your dad do?” Not around.

“What’s your mom’s job?” Waitress.

“Do you get free school lunch?” Yes.

I felt horror and shame with the realization he was right about me being poor, and out of that horror and shame came huge motivation to NOT be. I just needed a plan. It was obvious to me that my mother must not know how to fix this or we wouldn’t be poor in the first place. So my six-year-old self decided to handle it; if poor meant you didn’t have enough money, then I would make enough money.

That night I went home, gathered rocks from my driveway, and enlisted my sister’s help to color them blue so they’d be special. I could hardly wait for school the next day. I had made up my mind that I would price them at twenty-five cents each. My childlike enthusiasm had a grand plan. I thought to myself that I only needed to sell 4 rocks to make a dollar, and soon I would have enough for whatever I needed! Most of the kids had a dollar to pay for the eighty-cent lunch offering. To my delight, almost every kid decided they needed one of my special rocks! So much so, they bought them in spite of not having enough left to pay for lunch.

I felt accomplished. On top of the world.

Until my teacher, Ms. Caldwell found out no one had lunch money. Even though most of the kids felt like those rocks were worth it, Ms. Caldwell didn’t agree and called my mom about the situation. Unfortunately, that ended my blue rocks operation, but it did spark the beginnings of my love with Business Acceleration.

Over the next 35 years of my personal and professional life, I continued to see potential and possibility in ways that most people couldn’t. That ability, and the belief in the power of generosity Sue Harper taught me when I was 9, became my biggest gifts.

Those gifts helped me in all sorts of situations: convincing companies to hire me when I was too young for the job, saving a multi-million dollar client relationship just months after being hired and even fixing corporate debacles in Fortune 500 companies.

I always loved to hear: “If you don’t know what to do with it, give it to April.”

That was the best part of my job. I loved helping people and making the impossible, possible when everyone else had given up.

And then it hit me. This is who I AM, not just what I DO. With that realization, I left corporate America during my highest earning 7-figure year because it wasn’t enough for me to impact the organizations I happened to be working for at the moment. I wanted to impact as many businesses, companies, people, and charities as possible

So that’s exactly what I do with the principles of The Generosity Culture®.

Sound interesting?

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